10 Tips to Get the Longest Life Out of Your EMGLO® Air Compressor
!WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, read instruction manual.

    Things to Do Daily
  1. Check the safety valve before each use of the air compressor.

  2. Drain the air tank daily, or after each use, in order to prevent rust and thinning of the steel air tank. If the air tank develops a leak, replace it immediately with a new tank or replace the entire air compressor.

  3. Using the site glass, check the pump oil level and inspect your air compressor for oil leaks daily.

  4. Things to Do Periodically

  5. Inspect the air filter on your EMGLO® Air Compressor every week, or more frequently when using the compressor in dusty or humid conditions.

  6. When first using your air compressor, change the pump oil after the first 20 hours of operation. Thereafter, when using ISO 100/SAE40, non-detergent, premium air compressor oil, change the pump oil every 200 hours of operation or once a year; whichever comes first. When operating your air compressor in dusty or humid conditions, you may need to change the pump oil more frequently than every 200 hours of operation.

  7. Things to Always Keep in Mind
  8. Never drill into, weld or make any modifications to the air tank or its attachment. Never attempt to repair a damaged or leaking air tank. Instead, replace with a new air tank.

  9. Do not restrict any of the ventilation openings on the air compressor. Operate the compressor in an open area at least 12” away from any wall or obstruction that would restrict the flow of fresh air to the ventilation openings.

  10. Never make unauthorized modifications to the safety valve or any other components which control air tank pressure.  The air tank is designed to withstand specific operating pressures.

  11. Always follow the equipment manufacturer’s recommendation and never exceed the maximum allowable pressure rating of attachments. Never use your EMGLO® Air Compressor to inflate small low pressure objects such as children’s toys, footballs, basketballs, etc.

  12. Never attempt to operate your air compressor with missing or damaged parts. Any repairs required on your EMGLO® Air Compressor should be performed by an authorized service center.




* Always follow the maintenance schedule in the instruction manual. Remove the air compressor tank from service at the end of the year printed on the tank service life label.